Personal loan


Offers loan amount up to HK$2,000,000, helping you manage financial expenses flexibly.

byonABLE Lite

Loan process can be completed online in a faster and more convenient way, without face-to-face contact.

Vehicle loan


Covering up to 100% of the car price, first year license fee and insurance.

byonRIDE MaxValue

Specified Toyota & Lexus models can enjoy 50% guaranteed residual value with low monthly repayment!


Bringing imagination into reality

Borrow Up To
HKD 2,000,000
(or 21 times your monthly salary,
whichever is lower)
Annualized Percentage Rate
As low as 3.36%
Repay within
6 – 72 months
Approval and Cash Transfer
As fast as within 24 hours
If You Have
an Idea, Go for It
byonABLE offers fast approval and cash transfer as quick as within 24 hours.
If You Want to
Give It a Try, Go Ahead
Eyes on the goal. Find out what works best for you with BYON financing specialists.
Take a step forward to explore new possibilities, with BYON as backing.
Enable your imagination, beyond imagination

Start a New Chapter in Life, Just the Way You Imagine

Starting an Online Store
I have sensitive skin and that's where everything begins. I started out making my own natural skincare products and they worked like a charm. So I thought, why not start an online business and make them available for others too? Then I learned about byonABLE—after doing the maths, the monthly repayment is totally manageable and I finally got to actualize an idea that's been thought about for years!

- Vivian
Annualized Percentage Rate
Repayment Period
24 months
Monthly Repayment Amount
HKD 2,258
Studying Abroad
I've worked for a couple years and have been considering getting an MBA in the UK, as I feel like my career has reached a bottleneck. I do have some savings, but I don't think it's a wise decision to spend all the money in one go. byonABLE is a good option for me. I can worry less about money and focus more on advancing myself.

- Rita
HKD300 k
Annualized Percentage Rate
Repayment Period
60 months
Monthly Repayment Amount
HKD 6,050
Planning a Wedding
We are excited to move on to a new chapter in life after dating for 7 years, but the costs for wedding banquet, wedding photo shooting and new apartment renovation are no joke at all! We have a good amount of savings and investment returns, and we don't want our wedding plan to affect our current wealth planning. byonABLE loan solution is exactly what we need to cover these expenses.

- Thomas & Alva
HKD600 k
Annualized Percentage Rate
Repayment Period
60 months
Monthly Repayment Amount
HKD 11,680
Improving Financial Health through Debt Consolidation
As a flight attendant, I fly a lot and shop quite a lot for friends and family. For the most part, I was only repaying the minimum payment, and consequently, the debts built up and interest rate was reaching 30%. BYON team was giving immense help in sorting out how I could lower the interest rate and improve my TU credit scores. The infinite monthly minimum payment loop is finally over, for good!

- Robin
HKD150 k
Annualized Percentage Rate
Repayment Period
60 months
Monthly Repayment Amount
HKD 3,400
A plan backed by action becomes reality
Repayment Period
6 months
72 months

Monthly Repayment Amount


* The above monthly repayment amount is calculated based on a monthly flat rate of 0.15% and an annualized percentage rate not higher than 3.51%, depending on the repayment period. The repayment amount and period shown on the calculator are for reference only.

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With byonABLE Lite, loan process can be completed online in a faster and more convenient way, without face-to-face contact.*

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